FDM print’s in sizes up top 450x450x470mm!

Local and personal with a quick turn around time!

3D printing

Custom printouts with a wide variety of materials in sizes up to 450x450x470mm
Request a quote by sending over the information about your print request and we will give you a price and timeframe for delivery.

3D scanning

Need to digitize a physical object with or without texture? Most non-reflective objects can be scanned as is, other might require a coat of a dissolving matting spray first

Small scale CNC routing

3D and 4D CNC routing in wood, acrylic etc.

Laser cutting

Laser cutting in wood, acrylic, cardboard, paper etc.

Laser etching

3D and 4D Laser etching on metal, plastic, wood, paper etc.

Drone Photography

Need to inspect the roof before or after solar panel installation? Pictures for real estate purposes or marketing? Look at a chimney or other hard to reach places? We can give you crystal clear 12MP images or 2.7k video with a selection of different optical filters for best result.

Integration consulting services

For all your needs related to integration services, API-management or Azure services, contact us for more information

Request a quote now!

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